Priyal Gor

priyal gor
Priyal Gor
Priyal Gor is an Indian television and film actress. She started her career at the age of 15 with a role in the Hindi television series Ishaan: Sapno Ko Awaaz De. She landed the lead female role in Ram Milaayi Jodi and went on to appear in several more Hindi television series before starting to act in films as well.
Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Aadalat, Icchapyari Naagin

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TV News

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se
TV News

MUMBAI: The Zee TV show Aap Ke Aa Jane Se has recently welcomed Maaya 2 fame Priyal Gor to the team. Priyal is essaying the role of Madhuri, a... read more

26 Jun 2018 12:06 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Aapke Aa Jane Se
TV News

MUMBAI: Zee TV’s daily Aapke Aa Jane Se is all set for a heavy dose of drama. The show will unfold some twists that will baffle the audience.As the... read more

19 Jun 2018 11:53 AM | TellychakkarTeam
Telly updates
TV News

MUMBAI: It’s a new day! And we are back with a platter full of news from the world of television that will surely leave you wanting more. From... read more

18 Jun 2018 07:26 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani
TV News

MUMBAI:Popular TV actresses Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani are set to take internet by storm!These days kissing scene between two girls is no more a big... read more

03 May 2018 05:01 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Tanvi Thakkar and Vikas Grover join Vikram Bhatt’s Maaya 2
TV News

Mumbai: Two new actors have joined the team of Vikram Bhatt’s Maaya 2.TellyChakkar recently broke the news that TV actresses Priyal Gor and Leena... read more

06 Apr 2018 02:52 PM | Dharini Sanghavi
Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani
TV News

Mumbai: The hot divas are set to soar the temperature!After the successful run of Maaya which starred the hot bombshell Shama Sikander, the man with... read more

02 Apr 2018 05:05 PM | Dharini Sanghavi
TV News

The beautiful and bubbly actress Priyal Gor and handsome actor Rohit Roy have signed another big project. Priyal, who became famous with her stint... read more

11 Sep 2017 08:29 AM | Dharini Sanghavi
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August 15 is a day every Indian is proud of. The spirit of patriotism reaches the hilt on this day.We got in touch with some popular faces from the... read more

15 Aug 2017 03:00 PM | TellychakkarTeam
TV News

Actress Priyal Gor has been roped in to appear in popular horror show "Cheekh"."I love horror shows and movies a lot and so, it feels good to be a... read more

11 Aug 2017 07:22 PM | TellychakkarTeam

Rakshbandhan is an auspicious festival where the sacred relationship between brothers and sisters is celebrated. It is not necessary for people to be... read more

07 Aug 2017 02:47 PM | TellychakkarTeam
TV News

Good news for the fans of Priyal Gor!The pretty and petite Priyal, who impressed viewers by playing the cute Naagin in SAB TV’s Ichhapyaari Naagin,... read more

10 Jul 2017 01:20 PM | Dharini Sanghavi
TV News

Another TV show is set to bid adieu its viewers. We are talking about SAB TV's romantic fantasy drama Ichhapyaari Naagin (Alchemy Productions) which... read more

08 Jul 2017 06:34 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Priyal Gor & Mishkat Varma
TV News

Icchapyaari Naagin showcases the story of two realms, the Earth and Naagistan. It’s a comic take on the popular belief of Icchadhaari Naags and... read more

04 Jul 2017 03:01 PM | TellychakkarTeam
TV News

Another SAB TV show is all set to bite the dust!After YARO, Dil Deke Dekho, the channel is pulling the plug off from Alchemy Productions’ Ichhapyaari... read more

08 Jun 2017 06:38 PM | Dharini Sanghavi
Priyal Gor
TV News

SAB TV’s Ichhapyaari Naagin (Alchemy Productions) will soon bring another intriguing episode for its ardent viewers.The coming episode will revolve... read more

07 Jun 2017 03:29 PM | TellychakkarTeam



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